We hold lessons once a week during the academic year — every Sunday from 7:30-9pm.

This semester, lessons started on Sunday, September 17th. Lessons occur at different locations at MIT, so please check out our Events Calendar pageEvents Calendar page for details!

Thanks to the generosity of MIT towards its student groups, lessons are free for everyone. No partner necessary.

People will be split up into three levels:

  1. Basic: No experience necessary. You will learn the basics of Rueda de Casino, lead/follow technique.
  2. Advanced Beginner: Assumes a knowledge of basic Rueda moves. You will learn advanced-beginner and intermediate level Rueda moves.
  3. Intermediate: Assumes the dancer is comfortable with basic and advanced beginner Rueda moves and has a good lead/follow technique. You will learn advanced moves and formations.

These levels are not designated in terms of salsa. If you dance salsa but not Rueda, you will be placed at the basic level. It will be up to the discretion of the instructors to move you up to the next level.

See the syllabus page for details on every day’s lesson!

Lessons are formal instruction, so bring your sweats, your jazz sneakers/dancing shoes, your water bottles, and plenty of energy to burn for 1.5 hours straight!